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Students will:


  • Symbols and Meanings

  • $A$ = Mass Number or Nucleon Number
  • $Z$ = Atomic Number or Proton Number
  • $a$ = acceleration
  • $g$ = acceleration due to gravity
  • $AM$ = Atomic Mass
  • $amu$ = atomic mass unit
  • $RAM$ = relative atomic mass
  • $t$ = time of the motion of the projectile
  • $h$ = height of the projectile at time, $t$
  • $T$ = time of flight of the projectile
  • $H$ = maximum height
  • $t_H$ = time to reach the maximum height
  • $R$ = range
  • $R_{max}$ = maximum range
  • $\phi$ = angle of elevation/depression
  • $h_{below}$ = height below the horizontal


The Atomic Number or Proton Number of an element is the number of protons in one atom of the element.

The Mass Number or Nucleon Number of an element is the sum of the protons and neutrons in one atom of the element.